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My Courses

Education Sciences - Core and Critical Tracking Courses

A    EDF1005  - Introduction to Education 

A    EDF2085 - Teaching in Diverse Populations

A    EME2040 - Introduction to Education Technology 

A    EEX2000 - Impact of Disabilities

A    EDG2021 - Critical Issues in Education

A    EDF3210 - Education Psychology

A    EDF3423 - Educational Research Design

      EDF3604 - Social Foundations of Education

A     EME3813 - Technology Enhanced Learning Environment

Health Promotion Minor - Critical Taking and Specialization Elective Courses

      HSC 3032 - Foundations of Health Education 

A    HSC 3102 - Personal and Family Health

      HSC3201 - Community and Environmental Health

A    HSC4624 - Trends in International Health

A    HSC4950 - Culture and Health

Educational Psychology and Research Specialization ​​

      EDF3110 -Human Growth and Development  

A    EDP3211 - Cognitive and Educational Science in AI

      EDF 4430 - Measurement and Evaluation in Education

A    EDG4078 - Experiential Learning

A    EDF 4440 - Program Evaluation in Educational Settings

A    EDF4470 - Survey Research Methods in Education

Education Technology Specialization ​​

Electives and General Education Courses

A    ENC1102 - Argument and Persuasion

A    ENC1101 - Expos and Argu Writing

​A    PHI2010 - Intro to Philosophy

A    IDS1161 - What is the Good Life

A    PSY2012 - General Psychology

A    MAC1105 - Basic College Algebra

A    MAC1147 - Precalculus Algebra and Trigonometry

A    LIS2001 - Intro Lib Net Research

A    APK2100C - Applied Human Anatomy with Lab

A    STA2023 - Introduction to Statistics 1

A-  MMC2121 - Writing Fundamentals

A    BSC1001 - Introduction to Biology


Let's Work Together

The Education Sciences major and Health Promotion Minor will prepare me to become a curriculum developer and create a health literacy curriculum that enables students to make informed decisions, lead healthy lives, and overcome adversity. If this seems like a career path you're interested in or would like to work with me on, don't hesitate to reach out.

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