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Jóhanna Birna Bjartmarsdóttir


Hello! My name is Jóhanna Birna Bjartmarsdóttir, and I'm an Icelandic student at the University of Florida and the founder and CEO of HARTS. I'm also an advocate for students with dyslexia, ADHD, and autism, and you can find my conference presentations and interviews under Conference & Media 


I love to travel around my beautiful country, Iceland, and the world. Reading, hiking, running, dancing, cooking, traveling, and photography are among my many hobbies and all of the pictures featured on this site are taken from my adventures around the world.


In January 2023, I shared my story and my experience in the Icelandic education system as a dyslexic, ADHD, autistic, and physically disabled students. Since then, I have continued to advocate for minority populations, accessible mental health education, and equitable and accessible learning environments for underrepresented populations.

Research & Projects

I am an accessibility specialist who focuses on equity, health promotion, mental health education, and high-quality and accessible education environment for underrepresented populations. To learn more about my current, past, and future projects, as well as my career goals, click the link below.

"If I don't stand up for others, I'm just like someone else who didn't stand up for me."

Jóhanna Birna Bjartmarsdóttir,

Founder and Owner of HARTS ehf

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